staffshot – Amit Raut, Co-Founder, 1-800-CreditCards

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We are not just the reliable experts on Credit cards but we’re people too. We want you to get to know us better so here is the first in a series of 1-800-creditcards staffshots – starting with the boss, Amit!

Amit Raut, Co-Founder, 1-800-creditcards

What’s the big idea, Amit?
People are taught so many subjects in school and college but one of the most important – personal finance or money management is not – people are left to fend for themselves and find their own way through one of the most daunting and important subjects there is!

I did a lot of research on personal finance and about how we could create a service to help people make smarter decisions when it came to their debt and credit. We saw this as a chance to be in on the ground floor of something huge that would be able to make a major impact in consumers’ lives. The something is which I founded with my business partner earlier in 2012.

We had the concept of an easy-to-use, personable and human-focused website and matching phone number and you’re here!

OK, and the site looks great btw but Who is Amit Raut?
I attended college for two years but was continually drawn to entrepreneurship. It’s hard to concentrate on your studies when you’re having so many ideas! The Internetand e-commerce were really beginning to take off at the time, I saw the opportunity I was looking for, to bring my ideas to life. Over the past few years we have created value-based companies that serve a real purpose to the public. In 2009, my first media company was on the INC 500 list of the fastest growing advertising companies.

Why credit cards? What attracted you to the personal finance field?
They are a ubiquitous human experience. Everyone has some type of credit or debit card these days, but not everyone uses these cards wisely. We felt we could help educate the public on how to be smarter with their financial decisions. So why not create a service where people can visit our website from their laptop, tablet or mobile or call us to get free expert advice on the best credit card deals to fit their individual needs?

Pop Quiz Mr Boss – How many credit cards do you have? How good are you with them?
I have several credit cards, but I only use a few of them on a regular basis. I don’t usually carry alot of cash. Personally, I prefer not to use cash when I make personal transactions. I like to keep a record of all my purchases, and I take advantage of the rewards available through certain cards. This is my top personal tip – It builds a good payment history, which credit card companies really like to see.

Now its here – what gets you into the office each day first – What excites you most about 1-800-creditcards?
We feel we can provide a great service and really educate the consumer. It’s what really sets up apart from our competition.  I would say that my favorite things about our site, is our ability to help consumers get the best possible credit card deals in the marketplace. Our informative articles are available to really help educate consumers. Also, when a customer calls us, they can speak with an agent who isn’t biased toward any card. Our call center gives consumers free expert advice on the best deals and the best cards, based on what are right for them.

It’s always been a frustration ofmine that people are left to their own devices when it comes to credit cards, which can be daunting and scary for them. Not to mention damaging if they have no experience of running a credit card before. That’s why I come into work every day – to help our clients help themselves and their financial situations.

OK, now we’re here – where should we go first?
You should check out the menus on the left to see which categories, cards, and issuers you can search by. The filtering tool is great and really helps narrow down the search to key options that you want. After filtering, they should use the Compare feature at the top of the screen to do side-by-side comparisons between cards and suppliers using the same criteria. Once this has helped narrow down the selection to a card the user is interested in, that fulfills all their personal requirements, they can then start the application process through our site.

The filtering and comparison features are the bedrock of the site – with so many choices and options offered by literally hundreds of different companies, we help our users avoid information overload. We are also on-hand and available in person, anytime they have a question or concern that they can’t find the answer to or if they just want to chat!

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